Cloned Rhesus Monkeys

Neti and Ditto, two cloned rhesus monkeys'
Following the cloning by Ian Wilmut and his colleagues of Dolly the Sheep, Oregon Regional Primate Research Center created "Neti", a female rhesus monkey, and "Ditto," a male, using a procedure called nuclear transfer.

        Researchers "separated cells from each of several embryos that had been created by fertilizing eggs collected from a first monkey. They then fused some of those cells with "shells" made by removing chromosomal DNA from eggs harvested from a second monkey. Finally, they transferred these new embryos to surrogate monkey mothers."

        In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, a new reproductive era has dawned for humans too. Human babies are "decanted" - routinely produced by artificial means. Scientific progress has led to the abolition of the sexual reproduction, the family and old age - though not death. All decisions on creating new humans - whether Alphas, Betas, Deltas, Gammas or Epsilons - are planned by a World Government bureau, the Predestinators. Students of the assembly-line process are first given a tour of the "Fertilising Room", where male and female reproductive cells are kept in incubators. The Director explains the process whereby a single human egg produces up to ninety-six identical twins: the high degree of genetic identity in BNW supposedly contributes to the overiding goal of social stability. Students next enter the "Bottling Room", where they continue to observe the mechanical methods being used to produce babies. The entire process from fertilization to term takes two hundred and sixty-seven days. The fertilized eggs are placed in bottles, labeled, and sent into the Social Predestination Room for neo-Pavolvian conditioning.

        Human cloning is now imminent. If the technology ever becomes widespread, the nature of selection presure in a world whee reproduction vcan be either clonal or sexual, aging can be reversed or prevented, and repredoction is state regulated, will detemine the long-term future of life on earth - and beyond.

We are due to become quasi-immortals as the aging process is phased out. We woun't keel over. Huxley

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