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Henry Ford
( 1863 - 1947 )

picture of Henry Ford
Huxley set "Brave New World" in 632 A. F. (After Ford). Brave New World is a society based on the principles of mass production and consumption Ford's mass-production techiques are extended to human beings. There is conveyor belt reproduction. Technicians tinker with the cloned embryos to produce various grades of human beings, ranging from the tall, supersmart Alpha Pluses down to the weedy and dim-witted Epsilons. Henry Ford was adopted as the new god service is similar to the Eucharist in Christianity, except that soma is drunk and consumed. The goal is to spiritually unify the twelve people present into one person. The people sing until they feel the presence of Ford and then dance around to the hymn Orgy-porgy. A passable imitation of universal human happiness has been achieved. Reproduction is socially controlled, genetic engineering is the norm. Conditioning via sleep learning, and a supposedly ideal pleasure drug called Soma" .

The apostle of mass-production was also keen on eugenics

In Marx, religion is the opium of the people; in BNW, soma. a "Solidarity Service" at the Fordson Community Singery. He arrives a little late and takes a place in the group. Twelve men and women take alternate seats around the table. Soma tablets and liquid are taken as communion. As the Soma begins to take effect, individuals jump to their feet and shout as if in religious ecstasy. Although he feels nothing, Bernard acts his part. They all dance around the table shouting "orgy-porgy" in a kind of frenzy and then fall on the couches exhausted. Indiscriminate sexual relations conclude the "service."

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